Thoughts on Recent LastPass Changes with the Free Tier from a Biased Tech Geek

Starting today LastPass will be charging 3 dollars per month for usage across multiple devices.

Personally, I still stand behind how secure, reliable, and versatile their service is and am going to begin paying for their product for our household.

I’ve used the service for a long time now and think it’s a no brainer to continue using them thanks to the great sense of security and organization it has brought my family.

Regarding Recent Bad Press, Competitors, and Track Records

A lot of formidable competitors are popping up on the market as a mass exodus of users are looking for other options. In my opinion, this is attributed to many recent misleading tech articles coming out around tracking and general disgruntled users who don’t believe in paying for services that they receive which is extremely unfortunate.

With surface level reading I’ve done on some of these companies a few of them seem to be flashy startup companies attempting to cash in or companies that in my opinion don’t have enough of a history yet to completely earn my trust due to their lacking historical track record.

To elaborate, what I mean to say is for me personally, these companies haven’t been around long enough to prove that they aren’t going anywhere in a year or two due to bankruptcy and/or dropping support for their products (password managers) or as some of us call it pulling a Google and adding it to the Google Graveyard.

It sounds awfully cliché to say it in this day and age considering everyone’s hate for corporations, but LastPass the product/service has a giant corporate backing from LogMeIn who has been in business for well over 18 years – to me this establishes trust that this application isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – which is something I need in my family as I don’t intend to jump between password managers every year each time a new flashy option comes along.

Regarding Security

For those that bring up the concerns of security – I highly encourage you to subscribe to the train of thought that it is extremely damaging to LogMeIn Corporate for anything security wise to happen with something as serious as a password manager so it’s in their best interest to continually keep this product secure and up to date especially with our current fragile cybersecurity climate.

Regarding Pricing

For those that bring up the concern of having to pay for a service – LogMeIn/LastPass has kept the free tier for 5+ years and it was only a matter of time before things had to change, it’s honestly insane that it was free for as long as it was. If you can’t swing 3 dollars a month due to financial hardships – I completely respect that and maybe the alternative options on the market are for you – but otherwise 3 dollars a month is a small price to pay for an extremely well managed application/service.


In conclusion, if you are thinking about other options, I still think you should highly consider continuing usage of LastPass regardless of the new pricing structure for these reasons – but then again this is only my personal extremely biased tech geek hail corporate opinion. 🙂

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