Debugging what event woke a sleeping Windows Computer

I’m on a mission right now to keep my system OFF as much as possible after the recent failure of my GTX 980.

The Great GPU Shortage of 2020/2021 is no joke – I finally found a GTX 3070 and I intend to keep this card running for years to come. Hindsight though – 7 years from a electrical component is extremely impressive for a computer I used to leave on day in and out.

Shoutout to Henry in Atlanta for being an absolute wonderful human being and selling local AND not scalping – faith in humanity restored!

Right so back to the subject at hand – I’m working on implementing aggressive sleep policies for decreased system up time and overall lower temperatures to kill wear and tear.

I’ve migrated my computer to a cabinet in my living room so it’s absolutely critical that the computer stays off as much as possible in the event someone accidentally closes the cabinet door when it’s not in use.

The below command will show what woke your computer from its slumber last.

powercfg -lastwake

Imagine my surprise when I found out a Hard Drive Imaging/Backup Application that was installed years ago – EaseUs ToDo Backup – was the culprit.

As I continue this journey to peak sleep zen I’ll update this article further with my personal findings.

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