Yahoo is Removing Free Auto-Forwarding – Here’s a Detailed POP3 Workaround

If you grew up naïve like me chances are you had a Yahoo email account at one time or another.

Times have changed – better options surfaced – maybe you decided to auto-forward all Yahoo mail to your Gmail address.

Well apparently this is going behind a paywall on 01/01/2021 – see below email screenshot.

The good news is – apparently they aren’t removing POP3 functionality and putting that behind a paywall.

So here is a sequence of steps to ensure your legacy email is still pumping into Gmail – if you have a few straggler accounts or newsletters that haven’t been properly changed over yet.

  1. Optional – probably do a security checkup on this account and ensure it has a strong password with a email backup in case Yahoo inevitably gets hacked again
  2. Disable Auto Forwarding in your Yahoo
  3. Generate an App Password for usage in Gmail POP3 settings
  4. Open this page for reference of Yahoo POP3 settings
  5. Plug your username and the aforementioned App Password in from Step 3

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