Simple Selenium – For Faster Test Development

Wanted to share a pretty fun “Plain Old Java App” I wrote today. It’s an extremely helpful implementation of Selenium for those who are just starting out and want a base to build on and expand their knowledge.

I originally wrote this implementation in Python but encountered that more people expect the usage of a traditional programming language.

Below is the from my Github:

# Simple Selenium
An implementation of Selenium that extrapolates some of the more complex features of Selenium Development for development ease.



- Selenium can be overly complicated sometimes
- Selenium does not build in functions like scrolling the screen or simple xpath searches 

- By extrapolating some of the more complicated functionality up a layer we accomplish:
   - Faster Test Case Development Time
   - More readable code


# Instructions

**Step 1:**

**Step 2:**
Ensure your Chrome driver version matches the version of chrome you currently have installed, if not acquire from official Chrome Selenium Site

**Step 3:**
Run "" file in Git-Bash or Terminal

**Step 4:**
Run "" file in Git-Bash or Terminal

**Step 5:**
Dive into the code in either Eclipse or your favorite IDE for further learning and customization to your specific needs


## Authors

* **Cody Garrett** - [](

One thought on “Simple Selenium – For Faster Test Development

  1. You’re a God. I recently setup a full CI/CD pipeline for a Xamarin mobile app, so I’ve been married to bash and PowerShell, webhooks to slack/github/bash email test results(after scraping the results files), code coverage reports, check GitHub branch for conditional smoke/regression testing.

    You are a monster at churning out useful tools and information. Love looking at all these great posts. The split tunnel one is impressive af. Miss you man. Hope all is well.


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