Annoying Reminder Ball – Utilizing Visual Basic and C#

So I set out to do something yesterday. It was one of those fun code things that literally takes you 20-30 minutes if you have had the prior experience doing it. I wanted an annoying executable that fires and bounces something around the screen each time Outlook popped up saying you have an upcoming meeting.

So I did some quick Googling because I definitely wasn’t going to waste time personally writing something like this because I was sure someone has created something prior. And low and behold someone did.

As a result, I took this code and upgraded it to the latest version of .NET and to my lucky surprise, it worked fine!

So here’s what I did after I got that code:

  • Made the ball bigger
  • Studied the movement tick function behind it and separated some code out for… more annoying purposes
  • Created an async task that runs every 2-3 seconds that bounces the ball ridiculously around the screen
  • Change the way the ball works with it displaying a color and instead put an image on the inside
  • Added logic to the beginning of the Main(); method to have it check if there are any other balls bouncing around the screen, kill them, and have it take their place

The result? Just a simply amazing annoying reminder.

When coupled with VBA Functionality with Outlook I was able to create a great reminder that will jump around and be easily closed.

If you’re interested in checking out the code visit my Github repo for the project below:

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